Honda Talon 4 seater

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Self-guided fun for you and your passengers as you explore the Uwharrie National Forest OHV trails in this extreme vehicle. Drive and explore at your own pace.

These are "technical" trails, with lots of obstacles to maneuver over or around, steep grades, hairpin turns, shallow water crossings and multiple abrupt humps. Uwharrie is known as the place to go rock crawling. And "crawling" is the key word. The speed limit on the trails is 20 mph, however there are many parts of the trail system where 5 to 10 mph would be considered "fast".

The thrill comes from blending your driving skills with the amazing capabilities of our off-road machines, and being in awe of the incredibly picturesque rugged terrain that you have just traversed.

Your fun begins at our rustic headquarters adjacent to the Eldorado Outpost, on NC Hwy 109, 15 miles north of Troy NC. The Outpost itself is a treat to visit, with a unique “trading post” character, and is a great place to stock up on all of your adventure needs. On any given weekend, you will likely see a parking lot filled with all sorts of amazing off-road vehicles.

Be sure to check out the information on The Trails page where you will find some awesome videos to get a better idea of what's in store for you.

Please contact Lain at 704-798-8037 if you have any questions. Choose a date and time to schedule your ADVENTURE!